Exploring La Vieille Capitale
Understanding Quebec means exploring La Vieille Capitale. Quebec City is one of Canada's premiere cultural enclaves, where the best in art, cuisine, and the outdoors come together in one unique French Canadian package. La Vieille Capitale is synonymous with all that makes Canada authentic; Quebec City glistens during the Quebec Winter Carnival – the perfect time to explore an ice hotel – and shines in the summer, when the streets of La Vieille Capitale buzz with energy.

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Beyond the shadows of Frontenac

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Thousands of people travel to Quebec City, Canada to catch a glimpse of the Frontenac Hotel - a landmark work of architecture. However, while visiting at dusk, we turned around and saw much more to the Old City: a sweeping vista of the St. Lawrence River, Lower Basse-ville, and in the left corner, just below the horizon and above the tree branches a live art projection called The Image Mill. Projected onto an old grain silo approximately 600 meters x 30 meters in size, the outdoor art installation takes its viewers through "four movements" depicting Quebec history transforming grain silos into a live art installation.

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