Fire show on the island of Tonsai

The fire shows on islands like Phi Phi may be bigger, but the experience of a fire show on the far more chilled island of Tonsai was personally far more enjoyable.

Tonsai is the beach just around from Raileh; the vibe is backpackers / rock climbers, but it still feels like a perfect little secret that you are in on if you are privileged enough to be there. If your idea of heaven is staying in wooden huts on stilts in the jungle where you get woken up by the monkeys, chilling on the beach in the day with only a handful of other people, or of course spending your day rock climbing, then Tonsai is the place for you.

In the evenings, there are 2 main bars to choose from - 'Why Not?' on the beach, where there is nearly always live music playing and a pool table for entertainment. Or 'Small World', which is away from the beach but equally as relaxed and fun. They host fire shows most evenings and you can always get a spot right at the front for the best view. After that, enjoy a few beers at the bar with the locals - and then wind your way into the jungle to your wooden hut. Perfection! Although, try to remember to take a torch with you, unless you enjoying confronting a huge spider face to face...

To get to Tonsai, boats from Krabi and Phi Phi run to take you to Raileh and you can either walk round to Tonsai if the tide is out, or get another boat from Raileh, which only takes a few minutes.

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