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Employment from culture

A highlight of most tourist's trips to the Pacific is a village experience. "Sophisticated" tourists tend to shun these as "artificial" shows put on for the masses. But cultural tourism is an extremely important source of revenue and employment for many Pacific islanders, and after years of neglect it has provided a reason for the next generation to learn and participate in traditional ceremonies.

Those involved in cultural tourism take great pride in sharing their unique traditions with tourists. These experiences are not "authentic" - but to participate in a really authentic experience takes years of relationship building, and often what travellers mistake for "authentic" is simply island hospitality provided to an individual rather than a group.

Ekasup Cultural Village has made a fine art of the cultural experience. The show is extremely well thought out, and employs young people throughout the community. Children love participating in the show, and will hang around to talk to tourists attending. Importantly, it is keeping culture alive and providing income - thereby holistically educating the next generation.

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