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Adventure in Pharaoh's Land
After completing a semester of study in London, I set out on another adventure. I knew that I could spend my time in Europe visiting several different countries, but the adventurous spirit cannot be satiated by sitting outside a cafe sipping on espresso. I needed something more wild, exotic, and maybe even a little bit dangerous. Against the cautious advice of many, I forked over some hard earned cash, for the sake of an adventure in Egypt. I wanted to do something that I knew most other people wouldn't. The results of this decision? I rode a camel around the pyramids, went on a date with a beautiful Egyptian woman, made a spur of the moment decision to ride a hot air balloon and so saw the sunrise over the Nile, and after riding a camel to a Nubian village, I held a crocodile. I also experienced a people and a culture unlike any other I have had before. I had excellent guides, and made many local friends. The Egyptian people in true Middle Eastern tradition, are welcoming and friendly. The harsh desert sun was countered by a cool sip of water from the Nile. Walking through an Egyptian market at night can be just as eye opening as visiting the pyramids, if not more. Many of the awe inspiring experiences I had in this ancient land came to be, by jumping on unexpected opportunities as they were presented to me. Lesson learned? If you are on the road and are offered an opportunity to do something you cant do at home, say to yourself that fortune favors the bold, and do it!
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