East Sepik Province
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Slow Boat to Dinner
The sound of mosquitos is intense.
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Floating Villages
And this is what we found- whole villages that float. These are water plants. There is no land mass. Incredible.
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Water Logged
Every task, everybody, every animal, every-everything is afloat
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Boat Captain
Cows, goats, cats. The whole village lives in boats and water platforms.
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Crocodile Worship
And this is where my story is headed. Rituals. The folk along this murky river bow their sweet heads to the crocodile. Every single dug out canoe was lovingly carved in honor of the same animal that takes many of their lives.
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Scarring Ritual
At the age of eight, there is a special ritual where they are first desensitized by being mildly whipped with a numbing cacti. They then are carved into with a knife and given amazing patterns of adornment. The fresh wounds are covered with sap which makes for the embossed skin. And so the crocodile is magically embedded within.
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What the...?
GRUBS! If you can get over the gross factor, they actually taste a bit like a hard boiled egg. It's the yoke=guts part that did me in.
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