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Walk the World's Longest Spit

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The lush Olympic Penisula has the rainforest, vampire movie settings, Second Beach for camping and the Dungeness Spit. At 5.5 miles in length, the Dungeness Spit is the world's longest naturally occurring sandspit and makes a fabulous hike. Home to the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, it is a sanctuary for over 250 species of birds, 41 species of land mammals and eight species of water mammals. Pack a lunch and enjoy sprawling out on the lawn at the lighthouse or gather at the picnic tables. You can go to the top of the lighthouse and learn about the history of the area as you gaze out surrounded by the beautiful Puget Sound. If you really love the area, you can rent the adjoining house for a week and discover what life at a lighthouse is really like. The closest town is Sequim, which features a Museum and Art Center featuring Native American history and art.

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