Genial Gin (and Tonic, too)
Madrid has made its decision: Gin is in. A long-standing staple of Madrileños' liquid diets, the G&T is still champion of the night, and for good reason.

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The Best Martini I've Ever Had

Dry Cosmopolitan Bar, the cocktail bar from Javier de las Muelas. It was eerie walking in as it was just me and Ricardo—nobody else in the place. I couldn't understand it; I heard it was always packed but maybe it was the holidays, lack of tourists or Spain's economy.

In any case, I had Ricardo all to myself to understand the mysteries of making the perfect martini! The man was a master; going into detail of each step from "dee ice must be dry", to the various temperatures and viscosities of different gins (he has 26 or behind the backbar), to the fact that he won't hand it to you as he only serves it on a tray stating "we must never touch deee glass, it will warm the drink".

Seriously, it was Martini Heaven. Perfectly done. To me, the cocktail craze is nice, but I prefer the classic and simple. And like a French chef who shows off his simple roast chicken, if they get that right, you know the rest of the place is going to be done perfectly.

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