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Faces of Morocco : Dorian Whim
Sahara Desert, Morocco

[ Letter to a Friend ]
All is quiet on the Eastern shore ...
save the whisper of weary rope upon resolute sail.

Fondly I recall forthcoming journeys such as these ... knowing not what lies ahead, but comforted that a bit of the road will embed itself deep within our skin ... a place to be called upon when we find ourselves beseeching our nakedness once again.

Keep your eyes and wondrous naivety before you ... for truth guides us most strongly ... when we happen to places where miracles have yet to be lodged within the trenches, of that which long ago ruefully evanesced to common place.

There is freedom in space .. freedom in the lovely embrace .. of that which begins with the elusively unknown.

For most I would gift a compass gilded of the finest rose wood .. one that points only to a greater intimacy of self....
but a true artists hands are blessed beyond Dorian whims .. loving the cracks within others as much as we love those within our own white picket hands.

The anchor sets the cross to our heart ...
and in this, East and West frolic in the same humble wind.

x Katie
Katie Moon | FIDAMO ...

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