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Rainforest Honeymoon

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We spent three nights of our Australian honeymoon in a luxury cabin in the rainforest. After nervously hopping in our rental car (left-hand drive for the first time) and driving out of the Gold Coast airport, we made our way deep into the countryside. There were long stretches of farmland with beautifully green mountains springing up on either side.

Our cabin had a hot-tub and chocolates, with wild turkeys occasionally peeking in the windows. We would wake up in the morning to the sound of what we called "laser birds" whose unfamiliar sound reminded us of a hollywood laser gun sound.

We spent a day climbing through the rainforest where I snapped this picture. However, we didn't heed the advice of applying leech repellant and found ourselves hastily exiting when we discovered how necessary it was. We also spent a day driving through the most beautiful scenery which reminded me of a combination of Ireland and Appalachia. I almost hit a kangaroo! We even got to see the glow worms at night. Relaxing and beautiful, perfect for a honeymoon.

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