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The Rock - An Island Fortress

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If San Francisco has Alcatraz, we have Corregidor :-) Corregidor Island sits by the entrance of the Manila Bay and is just about 50 kilometers away from Manila.

During the Japanese invasion in World War II, Corregidor was the headquarters of the Allied Forces. A memorial now sits on the island fortress to remember the courageous Filipino and American men who defended our country.

We could see the building ruins, the old barracks, and batteries. The big guns are one of my most favorite attractions there as you can go up close, touch them and imagine yourself back in the days :-) We also visited the underground tunnel which used to serve as the hospital. A 30-minute light and sound show is presented as we walked through the pitch-dark tunnel, and tells its history. It can feel a bit creepy but it was interesting.

There is a tour provider which offers daily ferry service from Manila (Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex) to/from the island. It's about an hour's ride. As you arrive, you can hop on one of the trams as it brings you around the main attractions within the island. The tour includes lunch.

If you wish to stay over night, which unfortunately we did not, there is a small inn called Corregidor Inn. This is helpful especially if you'd like to stay late and watch the sunset or experience the sunrise and explore the island at your pace by biking, hiking or kayaking.

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by Tina Lim
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