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Conchy's Egret

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While sitting at my table waiting for my lunch to arrive, in flew the resident egret.

He landed on the railing of the outdoor patio.
He is very friendly and waits to snag a cracker or two. This egret is very large and a real beauty.

When I see him, I am always reminded of the stories of old Florida when the law had to outlaw the killing of egrets. Their feathers were prized. They were sold for huge amounts of money and for that reason many were being killed.From the 1880's until 1920, these feathers were in great demand in Philadelphia and NewYork. The wealthy ladies wanted them for their extravagant hats.

I am glad that we can now enjoy these magnificent birds. You can see how stunning the feathers are. What a handsome fellow is Conchy's egret.

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