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'Escape to Bluff'

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I was staying in LA and planned a roadtrip - Hoover Dam, Flagstaff, AZ, Oak Creek Canyon, Arcosanti, Chinle, AZ, Canyon de Chelly, Bluff, UT - a five day two thousand mile rampage!! Everything was super fantastic until I arrived in Chinle, AZ. I was there to see the Canyon de Chelly, which I would recommend to anyone - I saw it and got the hell out of there!! A hundred miles north on Rte 191 is Bluff, UT, a community of artists and craftspeople in the high desert. I pulled into Combe Ridge Coffee for an early breakfast - home made granola, fruit compote, green tea, it was perfect! I spent the entire day just wandering around with my camera, saying hi, chatting, ending up at the Twin Rock Cafe for a ginormous taco and then to bed in the Desert Rose Inn, it was perfect!! I only stayed one night, driving seven hundred miles the next day to LA, but I'll be back!! It's a wonderful place, peaceful, and there's a river close by, the San Juan.

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