The Best of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
It's not difficult to access the best of Colonia del Sacramento. The historic settlement, quiet, relaxed, and compact, is just an hour away from Buenos Aires by ferry, and the journey is part of the fun. Colonia is famous for its UNESCO-recognized lighthouse and Portuguese-built churches and houses, plus tranquil beaches on the Rio de la Plata. Colonia is also considered the gateway to Uruguay's gorgeous beaches and rolling landscapes.

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A trip from Buenos Aires

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A day or overnight trip to Colonia Del Sacramento in Uruguay is a great way to spend your time, if you have some free when you are in Buenos Aires.

The boat ride over was quick and entertaining, as there were a group of musicians travelling as well and they had an impromptu concert on board.

A short walk at the other end will bring you to the historical town with its old cars, colourful buildings, cobblestones and tiny museums.

I spent 2 days there, wandering round, eating meat, drinking wine, watching the sun set from rooftops and soaking up the sun in the park.

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