Parks, Museums, Gardens, and Games: Things to do in Denver
Get up early, eat a big breakfast, and rent a bike for your tour of Denver's many museums, green spaces, and sports stadiums. Visit the State Capitol, Civic Center, Denver Art Museum, and the public library. Stop for a Japanese lunch at Domo. Get some gaming in at the 1up. And if you can, don't miss the hidden gem that is Riverside Cemetery. If your timing is right, you'll catch a Colorado Rockies or Denver Broncos game as well.

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Dinosaurs in Colorado

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An adventure in American culture and history could easily be had by walking the 28.6 miles of Colfax Avenue in Denver. Even walking about five miles past urban blight, every imaginable ethnic restaurant, antique stores, bookshops, and abandoned storefronts and lots provided me with a caravanserai of images without assaulting the senses. As part of US 40, this abandoned Sinclair dinosaur caught my eye.

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