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Refugia Lodge, Chiloé Island, Chile

The avant-garde design of Refugia Lodge somehow fits its setting on the largest island in the Chiloé archipelago, just north of Patagonia. Hike the island’s primordial evergreen rainforest and then visit UNESCO World Heritage−designated wooden Jesuit churches in the hotel’s private boat, Williche.

Local shellfish, meat, and potatoes star in curanto, Chile’s version of a clam bake. The owners sought out local artisans to create items such as wool slippers (which guests take home as a gift) and art found throughout the hotel.

The picture windows look out on the Andes and Reloncaví Sound.

From $530, all-inclusive. 56/(0) 65-772-080. This appeared in the June/July 2013 issue. .

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by Jen Murphy
AFAR Editor
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