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Rickshaw Adventures

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My family and I moved to Chennai (Madras), India in late July, 2012. Until we purchased a car two months later, auto-rickshaws were our mode of travel (thank Ganesh we eventually found our own regular 'driver'). I loved this simple message on the back of this rickshaw. I am sure drivers aspire to follow this advice, although it is challenging to witness this in my daily commute to work.

One of the many things that makes Chennai and any big city in India exciting is the chaos on the roads - noisy auto-rickshaws, motorcycles weaving in and out of traffic, bicycles, cows crossing the road, people walking in the road, large trucks or buses blowing their brings out a range of emotions and feelings. Whether you take a tuk-tuk in Thailand, or an auto-rickshaw in India, you will not forget the experience. In Chennai, bargain hard as the drivers are notorious in India for their refusal to use their meter.

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