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Hoop Cheese Biscuit

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At the Cedar Point BP and Grill, an artisanal Southern product called hoop cheese is honored by putting a slice of Southern history into every gargantuan sized Hoop Cheese Biscuit resulting in down home, gut-busting, fluffy, creamy and oozy goodness. Hoop cheese is an artisanal farmer cheese made right here in the South and sparsely found in independently owned gas stations and convenience stores. It’s made of milk and then placed into a round mold (“hoop”). Aging varies among hoop cheese producers but is commonly found in semi-soft form and has its own special cheese cutter. It’s much milder in flavor than modern varieties of cheese found in the market today. Cedar Point BP and Grill’s hoop cheese distributor is a closely guarded secret. Order one by itself or choose spicy sausage and egg (shown here) … but hurry, these biscuits go very quickly – they’re gone by 9 a.m. ... if not sooner.

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