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An unpolished gem between Naples and Sorrento

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Castellammare di Stabia is another of those unpolished gems between Naples and Amalfi. It’s located in one of the few flat areas in the region, between Mount Faito and Mt. Vesuvius.

It has a beautiful beachfront promenade right in the heart of the city. Sadly, the beach itself has been neglected by local authorities. It’s been up to volunteers, including workers laid off when the local shipyard closed, to try to restore and maintain it. The link below goes to their Facebook page. The Stabiese are rightly proud of their city and despair at its neglect by their own leaders.

If you’re tired of Disnified sights that pander to tourists, it’s worth stopping off in Stabia. It’s even better if you happen to be there, as I was, on the feast day for the city’s patron saint and can watch the procession and festival.

Update, May 4, 2013: In another blow to Stabia, the cable car up Mt. Faito, from which this picture was taken is now scheduled to close

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