Two Weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula
There is so much more to the Yucatán Peninsula than the Riviera Maya. If you have two weeks to explore, you're in for a treat: refreshing cenotes (sinkholes), scuba diving with whale sharks, white-sand beaches either deserted or full of life (take your pick), breathtaking Maya ruins, beautiful colonial towns, nightlife for every taste and whim, delicious cuisine, biospheres and reserves, and majestic haciendas all await you in the Yucatán Peninsula.

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The Ultimate City Retreat

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Casa Lecanda, situated off the city centre of Merida, the capital of Yucatan; was easily the most stunning boutique hotels that I have stayed in.

The hotel's owners and architects have managed to restore the ruined old hacienda and transform it into a modern, luxurious and tastefully decorated property while yet retaining existing elements and an authentic Meridian flavour.

Despite its intimate size, there is no shortage of amenities and things to do lest you just want to stay in - go for a morning dip in the pool, read in the outdoor patio, have a siesta on a hammock and round off with a nightcap at the wine and tequila bar. The best thing of all is that since it only has seven rooms, you might not even spot another guest (especially during low season), which is what happened in our case and we totally felt like we had the whole hotel to ourselves!

Service from all members of the staff were warm, attentive and sincere. We enjoyed chatting with Jose, who was extremely hospitable and took care of our every need.

F&B wise, breakfast was simple and healthy, and the staff were flexible with late breakfast hours - you are in Mexico after all! The homemade papaya jam was particularly unforgettable. We were also served the most amazing tamarind margaritas upon arrival, which currently holds the record for the best margarita I ever had.

So really - what's there not to love?

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