Carmel, CA
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A hidden piece of Turkiye in California
I went on a trip with my parents on the California coast for a week before I moved to Hong Kong. Although I grew up in California, I had been gone for long frequent periods of time in various places around the world, one of them being Turkiye. Therefore, I was quite shocked when I saw the large blue evil eye (nazar) and Turkish rugs on a small side street of the very yuppy Carmel. I quickly walked that way, dragging my anne (mom) to see if the person selling rugs was a Turk or not. To my delight, he was. After talking to him I learned that Carmel has a small area of Turkish boutiques. I went there with my parents to check it out. Of course they were selling things more than 10x's too much, so I didn't buy anything, but it was delightful to see this hidden corner of Turkiye in little Carmel. It reminded me of a small corner of the grand Bazzaar in Istanbul.... This picture really captures everything Turkish though....all that is missing is the nazar.
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