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Beautiful food for beautiful people

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With a modern decor, inspired by the Camelia flower, this swanky, new Paris restaurant in the chic Mandarin Oriental hotel is the place to lunch for the fashionable business crowd. Men in bespoke suits with yellow cycling gloves sit next to financial traders, Japanese artistes and international journalists.

They have a 55€ three course lunch with a promise to serve the entire meal in 55 minutes, which explains its popularity with the men in suits.

The menu is fresh and light, geared towards people who are used to luxury ingredients and care about their image. We enjoyed a light crab salad with a citrus gelatin, and seared sea scallops with just a few deliciously plump gnocci, jerusalem artichoke and black truffle. Dessert was just a selection of pastries, I could have given it a miss.

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by Sylvia Sabes
AFAR Local Expert
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