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An American Abroad

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I decided during the summer between my junior and senior year of university to do a semester abroad. I majored in English (as counterproductive to reason as it may be) and where else can you immerse yourself in literature, history and the lineage of the language better than Cambridge. Okay, maybe Oxford would have done but my university had a special program that received high praise from friends that had taken the trip the previous year.
The city appears quaint and the punting really does occur, but the city has over 200,000 people and a great collection of restaurants and pubs. Man, the food was ecclectic, varied and unforgettable. I was there for the World Cup which added a bit of spice to the adventure. It was a fairly diverse group of people there at the time and everyone made sure to state their case for their own team. Weekend trips to Edinburgh, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland were amazing and should probably have highlights of their own. I made great friends, studied at a university where Stephan Hawking was currently living and working and immersed myself in a culture that had so much in common with my own yet was so far apart from what I knew and was comfortable with. I even sat down at The Eagle, which is where the theory of DNA was pondered and theorized over pints. Pushing boundaries is the only way to gain a true experience.

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