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Framed: 3 Bros' & a Wedding

Family weddings are undoubtedly one of the best and most fun reasons to travel, especially when it means a few days of surf and sun at the beach, gathering the clan, retelling family stories and... three brothers who are known to make mischief. For a nephew's wedding two years ago in Idyllwild, California, we all went to Mountain Mike's and bought these real authentic (and really expensive) cowboy hats. It's funny how a hat becomes an identity. "Hey that's one of the crazy uncles!" It was such a hit, we decided we had to encore them again this year. And so we did – for a niece's wedding in Camarillo, California. It was a beautiful late summer day in a hilltop setting. The brothers and the hats arrived unruffled, making the trip back to California from Philadelphia, Kansas City and Eugene, Oregon. When I saw the picture frame hung for a shoot of the bride and groom, I knew this was our moment – the Brothers 3 "framed" at last.

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