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The Beauty of the Beans

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You know you like coffee. Or maybe you think you don't. Either way, when you find yourself in Boquete, Panama, a tour of Casa Ruiz should be high on your list.

Boquete is a breath-taking part of Panama. By day, absorb stunning views of Volcan Baru and search for the elusive and glamorous quetzal. By night, drink Abuelo and hone your domino skills. But certainly find some time to stop by Casa Ruiz for a comprehensive tour of the award-winning coffee farms that use sustainable traditional practices to grow some of the best coffee on the planet.

The tour takes you on a journey from the seeds of the coffee tree to the small roasting factory, where the smells and flavors of different beans and roasts are compared. I walked away with a new idea of what good coffee is and an educated opinion on my own personal coffee preferences. Beyond just an academic learning experience, I gained insights to my own palate.

If you're a coffee lover, you'll leave with a new appreciation for the plant, the process, and the product. On the other hand, if you currently start your day with mug of tea instead of a cup of joe, you just might find yourself rethinking your morning routine.

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