The Best of Europe in the Winter
It's that diffuse, pale winter light: It makes everything more beautiful, more mysterious. Seeing Europe in the winter—after the summer crowds have dissipated—is an entirely different experience. Skate the canals, shop the holiday markets, and take in the atmosphere. Just bring a scarf.

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Winter Biking in Utrecht, Netherlands

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“Are you up for a little bike ride? To start the real Dutch experience?” My friend Lisa’s text reads. I see it while riding the train from Schipol Airport to Utrecht, the start of a week with two close friends. I love real travel experiences, but I had just arrived from the US. With luggage. And it was freezing outside, an unseasonably cold winter in the Netherlands. My gloves and jacket were more San Francisco “layers” – thin enough to pile on over each other and remove without bulk – but certainly not for freezing bike rides. Read more at:

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by Kristin Zibell
AFAR Ambassador

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