Barcelona Cafés and Bars (de Sempre)
One of Barcelona's bigger selling points is that it's a relatively inexpensive place drink and enjoy a night out. Especially in cafés, and bars de sempre (traditional hole-in-the-wall bars) coffee, beer and wine are typically cheaper than elsewhere, and often come with a free snack. Cocktails are also reasonably priced, although travelers should know that the amount of liquor in them isn't always measured out which can result in one drink equalling 2, or 3, when it comes to alcohol content.

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Our favorite cafe in Barcelona

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Cafe D'Estiu, ( between the city museum and the Frederic Mares museum, right near the Cathedral, was our favorite place to eat. The owner, a Dutch expat, loves to talk politics, and gets his news from the most reliable source: The Daily Show.

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