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Authentic Italian food on the beach

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Little Corn Island, just off the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua, is one of the few Caribbean paradises that is still largely "undiscovered" (though I'd bet that's going to change soon). To get there, it's a short flight from Managua with La Costeña airline to Corn Island, and then a 30-minute panga (small boat) ride from "Big Corn" to "Little Corn". Little Corn is only 1.5 square miles and completely free of cars and vehicles, so it's a true oasis from the outside world.

When you land at the dock of Little Corn, walk up to the "main strip" where you'll find some restaurants, hotels, and bars all in a row. One of the first restaurants you'll come across is an Italian place called Cafe Desideri. With the dining area on an open-air deck covered by a thatched roof, you'll have a view of palm trees and the gorgeous Caribbean coastline. The restaurant is owned by an Italian expat, so you'll get to enjoy authentic, delicious Italian pasta, carpaccio, salads, antipasti, espresso coffee, wine and mixed drinks (they have my favorite, Campari!), and best of all, delicious desserts that are worth a visit in and of themselves.

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by Amy Knauff
AFAR Local Expert
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