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Drink Cactus Liqueur at Bonaire’s Only On-Island Distillery

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A magical discovery has been made on Bonaire: the cudushy cactus can be distilled into Cudushy Liqueur and Vodka, amongst other tasty concoctions. Bonaire’s Cadushy Distillery is the only one of its kind in the world creating liqueur from the cactus and serving up colorful samples of the lime green liqueur. The Distillery also produces other products made on site: Captain Don’s Whiskey, smoked with Caribbean tobacco, Rom’s Rincon Rum, and other liqueurs produced to celebrate the other local islands like Aruba, Curacao and Saba. You’ll be sampling quite a bit, so come on a full stomach and enjoy a few hours to soak it all in.

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by Ashley Castle
AFAR Contributor
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