Train Porn for Historical Train Buffs
Trains are both a passion and a way of life for a surprising number of people. Some love the modern speed-record shattering kind. Others can't get enough of the vintage vehicles that were so instrumental in building our modern world. Here's a selection of train experiences for the latter, whether as working rolling stock, parked forever in museums or simply hinted at in stations of notable history and character.

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The Last Stop

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Buenos Aires is a city that brings together the finest elements of your imagination, and puts them in one perfect place for your real life enjoyment. Sadly, one of those perfect elements will soon come to an end. Dating all the way back to 1913, the 90 subway cars that make up the time warp that is the city's underground transportation system will soon be decommissioned. These beautiful wooden relics represent the oldest running cars that still operate anywhere on the globe. I was in disbelief when I entered this empty car a few years ago. I felt like Harry Potter on his way to Hogwarts, and all I needed was to pick up a wand at the local market. In an age where we are constantly trying to make 'throwback this' and 'vintage that,' these cars are one of the last true bastions of historical public transportation. They won't be running much longer, so now is the time to head down to Argentina and catch a ride before this train, sadly, makes its final stop.

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by Matthew Keesecker
AFAR Local Expert
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