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Pub-Hopping in Brussels
Belgium has one of the richest beer-brewing traditions in the world—so it only makes sense that touring the country’s beer pubs makes a delicious sort of cultural immersion. The obvious place to start is in the capital city—in particular the warren of lovely, bar- and café-lined streets surrounding the Grand Place/Grote Markt. Some of the pubs you’ll find here are centuries old; nearly all serve more than a dozen varieties of Belgian beer —of which there are more than 400, including fruity Lambics, pale Witbiers, and Trappist or Abbey brews ranging from light ales to dark, hoppy “Quadrupels.” Pay attention to the glass your order is served in; it’s part of the drinking experience. A wide goblet is meant to allow you to savor the beer’s aroma; a narrow tulip-style glass maximizes foam. To enjoy another flavor of European hospitality, fly SWISS when you go to Belgium. You’ll get a taste of award-winning Swiss cuisine and personal service.
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