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An Unforgettable Hike along Bodega Head, Bodega Bay, California

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After weeks of increasing stress from the daily grind of work and family responsibilities, I spent one perfect weekend in Bodega Bay, on the coast of California north of San Francisco. The highlight was a walk on Bodega Head, a piece of land that juts out into the Pacific Ocean. The combination of the dramatic cliffs, with ice plant that paints the land shades of orange and pink, and the endless blue of the sea makes this place stunning. Come between December and April and you may see whales swimming by on their migration path along the entire coast of California. During my walk along the small path that winds along the cliffs, a huge gray whale was alone, playing in the water and putting on a powerful show.
Bodega Head is right next to the harbor of Bodega Bay, about 90 minutes north of San Francisco. Admission and parking are free. Hikes are mostly flat and can be short, depending on how far you go. Weather is changeable, so layered clothing is recommended. Bring binoculars in the winter to help you see whales.

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by Jenna Francisco
AFAR Local Expert
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