13 Otherworldly Landscapes
These are the vistas: Rocks and sand twisted into curious shapes; mist hanging low over lakes and seas. These photos capture the mysteries of place. And these places are waiting for you.

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An Iceland Must Do: Visit the Blue Lagoon

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You've probably seen images of the Blue Lagoon all over Pinterest and in travel ads - in Seattle you'll see Iceland Air advertisements on the sides of buses and on big billboards. Those ads are why we scheduled our 20 hour layover adventure in Iceland and planned the Blue Lagoon as our final stop.

While your actual experience in the pool won't be exactly like the photo above - it's pretty darn representative of how I felt about my experience there - FANTASTIC! This photo is taken outside the complex where you can walk around these gorgeous pools and view the pretty colors without any people in them. If you're at all into photographing pretty things, it's a must do either before or after your visit.

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by Adina Marguerite Pease
AFAR Local Expert
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