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The Beach Less Traveled

As a foreigner living in South Korea, I always hear about people traveling to Thailand or the Philippines to get to the beaches. It is widely believed that South Korea has no beaches that can compare to those of Southeast Asia. I am writing this in objection to that notion. This picture was taken at sunrise on the Korean island of Bigeumdo. The island is just an hour ferry ride off of the southwest coast of Korea and is in close proximity to dozens of other islands. This long and beautiful beach is called Wonpyeong beach.
Getting to Biguemdo could be difficult if you don't know any Korean or anyone who speaks Korean. Basically, you need to take the ferry from Mokpo that runs 3 times a day everyday. Once on the island take a taxi to Wonpyeong beach, or just say "beachee". They'll likely know to which beach you're looking to go. Once there, you can rent open huts that include sun shades and mosquito nets. Bring pillows, blankets, and food. There is not much around once you are there. If you want a beach that isn't overrun with tourists, come to Bigeumdo. My girlfriend and I went there intending to stay for one night, but stayed for three. It is home to the things we thought we couldn't find on a beach in Korea: seclusion, solitude, and tranquility.

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