Cheap Eats in Brussels
Whether it's Michelin-starred or street fare, Belgians take food seriously. This means you can eat well in the city, even on a budget.

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Best Fish 'n Chips in Brussels

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With a huge community of British expats in Brussels, it's hard to believe there was no decent place to get fish 'n chips. But until the opening of Bia Mara in the summer of 2012, this was a sad fact.

Seafood lovers in Brussels can now rejoice. Not only is the fish fresh (the owner regularly rejects seafood orders that aren't up to his high standard) and the menu creative (Spicy tempura salmon anyone?) but everything is sustainable.

You would expect such an establishment to be pricey, but Bia Mara is made for the budget conscious. For 10 euro you get 2 large pieces of fresh fish (your choice of fish and style) with a mound of thick cut fries. You also choose of of 6 delicious sauces and a flavoured salt for your chips. Everything is made in house from organic and local ingredients. Or choose the fish tacos for only 8 euro.

Vegetarians and carnivores aren't forgotten at Bia Mara either. The piri piri chicken was moist inside, crunchy outside and had a nice spicy kick.

It is located just steps from Grand Place so you have no excuse not to visit.

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by Alison Cornford-Matheson
AFAR Local Expert
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