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Adana Kebab

Many will tell you Adana kebab is the best kebab in Turkey, a country known for its kebabs. Also referred to as Kıyma kebabı, this specialty is comprised of male lamb meat, minced by hand, red peppers, and fat from the tail. The lamb must be raised, killed, and cleaned according to specific standards. The meat is roasted on metal skewers and served atop a flat bread glazed with drippings from the meat, alongside roasted tomatoes and peppers. At Beyzade Kebap, an assortment of meze, or appetizers, are served beforehand. Order Ayran, a common yogurt drink, or Şalgam, a salty turnip juice, to accompany your kebap. This meal is sure to leave you quite satisfied, and might even be one of your best in Turkey.

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