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The Crumbled Berlin Wall

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I am a huge fan of Germany, but Berlin does not exactly fit the standard of a normal German city. Perhaps this is why I'm drawn to this city! With the angst of a teenager, and the grit of real life struggles, Berlin is one of the most interesting and creative cities in the world. One of the most intriguing parts of this city?

The Berlin Wall.

Though Checkpoint Charlie is the highlight tourist attraction for the Berlin Wall, walking along the path where the wall used to stand and discovering its remaining remnants is what truly reveals the impact of what once was. I remember my German friend's mother telling me "I never thought the wall would come down. It was a completely cut off place. I hated the process of visiting my family. We were always treated so poorly by the guards. Its truly amazing that the wall has come down."

Standing in front of the crumbling walls at nightfall gives you a strange look into the past. Its hard to believe the wall ever stood here at all. Its definitely a thought provoking travel highlight, but discover it in your own way when you visit. Feel the wall for yourself.

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