Two Weeks in the Yucatan Peninsula
There is so much more to the Yucatán Peninsula than the Riviera Maya. If you have two weeks to explore, you're in for a treat: refreshing cenotes (sinkholes), scuba diving with whale sharks, white-sand beaches either deserted or full of life (take your pick), breathtaking Maya ruins, beautiful colonial towns, nightlife for every taste and whim, delicious cuisine, biospheres and reserves, and majestic haciendas all await you in the Yucatán Peninsula.

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Holbox is a beautiful and tranquil fishing village. One of the best things to do is a long walk on the beautiful beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. A walk that can last 2 hours without seeing a tourist, but rather several Mexican for enjoying the holidays ... like us.

On the way back, a large white boat on the beach. A great egret watching me. I don't move. The great bird cleans its feathers. I take this opportunity to approach him. He stops again, I stop again. He resumed his cleaning. I approach again ... until I'm close enough to finally take my picture. Immediately after the snap, he flew.

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