Multicultural Restaurant Mix, Toronto
Toronto's cultural melting pot shows in its food. From Little India to Little Portugal, and Koreatown to Little Italy, you’re likely to find it in Toronto—sometimes right next to each other, and sometimes all mixed up in culinary blending acts!

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Kimchi Fries. Say WHAT?!

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Former Toronto food truck superstar, Banh Mi Boys, opened up a shop at the buzzy intersection of Queen and Spadina (ironically, it's beside a McDonald's). In addition to their popular banh mi sandwiches and steam bao is one unusual dish: Kimchi Fries.

It's not quite a poutine but could very well be a multicultural version of the Quebecois dish.
Pickled, spicy kimchi is topped on hot, crispy fries. Add some mayo and green onions and voila! Kimchi Fries.

I'm pretty sure there is no other dish quite like this in the world. It is delicious and addictive!

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by Natalie Taylor
AFAR Local Expert
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