Snorkeling Around The World
From white sand beaches to underwater museums, this list includes a wide variety of snorkeling spots around the world.

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Swim Among the Rainbow of Tropical Fish in the Most Amazing Water on Earth.

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Belize by far as the most amazingly crystal clear blue water and breathtaking aquatic life in the most swim-able stretch of ocean I have ever encountered. Home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, it is no wonder that scuba divers and National Geographic explorers alike flock from all corners of the globe to suit up and dive deep into the prestige waters of the Caribbean sea. I've been to Belize 3 times now and each time I have ventured out on a privately owned sail or speed boat to do some snorkeling out and around the reef(s) and near Blue Hole. The marine life you will encounter and literally swim side by side with is unmatched to any snorkeling trip I have ever done throughout the entire Caribbean. Eels, sea turtles, hammer head sharks, nurse sharks, and every type of colorful beautiful fish you can imagine were all right there swimming along side me as I floated through the water. As someone who's usually pretty aware and rarely ever loses track of time, I honestly felt for the first time in my life that time stood still. So fun, a must do in Belize.

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