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The parks and gardens of Puerto Rico—and the lush El Yunque National Forest—offer many serenades for the senses. This island has it all, from exotic birds and reptiles, to jungle explorations and cave dwelling animals. Too adventurous for you? Not to worry, there are plenty of architectural beauties in the parks and town centers dotted all over the island. Enjoy a good book and a coffee, taking in the sounds of the daily life in Puerto Rico.

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Personal with Nature

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In Calvache, a smaller subdivision of Rincon, in Puerto Rico, is a house made entirely of bamboo.

A labor of love by two artists living in the area, this place is up close and personal with nature.

The house itself features two outdoor bedrooms, beautiful landscaping, gardens galore, and lots of trails throughout the property that lead to rivers, ponds, and lush green jungle.

But the most interesting part of this house is the completely outdoor bathroom. There are some small, winding stairs that lead down to this landing, but there are no walls, no windows, no curtains or bushes. You can sit on the throne and have an uninterrupted view of wild Puerto Rico while you conduct your business.

Hopefully the owners don't have company while you try out this outdoor bathroom, or you may just have an accidental visitor wander down to explore!

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by Chelsea Harms
AFAR Local Expert
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