Shop Like a Celebrity in Miami
The influence of various cultures has a huge impact of the shopping boutiques in Miami. If you plan on shopping during your trip, choose to visit a local store instead of a large brand. Brazilian designers and local seamstresses have created lovely clothing and artisanal goods that celebrities of Miami have gravitated towards during their visits. Dare to try a revealing swim suit on South Beach or perhaps a fun piece of handmade jewelry from a local shop.

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50 Square Feet of Amazing

I hate shopping. There, I said it. However, sometimes while traveling you need a few things right? So, to minimize my pain, I like to go to places that know what I need and what I like. BABALU is one such place. It's tiny, it's unisex, it's chic, and it's kind of hidden, but they stock exactly the right kind of sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, knick knacks, literature, etc., that make my shopping easy, which gives me more beach time!

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