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Every May I wait for Memorial Day week-end with great anticipation. This is my favorite holiday because it's time to get ready for the beach.

I buy my beach badge the week before and drag out my beach chair, get my beach bag and fill it with a bottle of lotion, books, and a towel. I'm ready for the "season" which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

On Friday of Memorial Day week-end I drive over to Avon and its Washington Ave. and jetty beach. That is my Summer spot.

Avon is a little Victorian town with big beautiful homes with little alleys behind them and a gorgeous beach.The town is located in Monmouth County between Bradley Beach and Belmar.

On my Washington Ave. and jetty beach, I can swim, surf, or just sit under an umbrella and relax. I watch the fishermen on the jetty. If the tide is low the L-shaped jetty forms a large cove and the children play and try to catch small fish as they run and scream with delight.

The boardwalk ends at the jetty but going north there are a couple of great restaurants. Sometimes I go to the beach early with my husband and we have breakfast at the restaurant right there on the boardwalk before we set up our chairs on the beach.

The routine of beaching is relaxing. The Avon beach is the reason I look forward to the "season".

I see that right now the boards are gone thanks to Sandy, but Avon has said that the beach will be fully operational this year.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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