Museums and More in New Orleans
Museums may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of New Orleans, but the city has an impressive lineup that includes the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Contemporary Arts Center, and the National WWII Museum—plus a thriving gallery scene, a zoo, aquarium, and insectarium.

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Go Eye to Eye with a Beetle or a Butterfly

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Insects are beautiful... insects are creepy. Get your fill of both sides of the coin during a visit to the Insectarium on Canal Street. On the beautiful side, there are the gorgeous iridescent butterfly specimens on display, and of course the numerous live residents in the butterfly garden. To get a dose of creepy, all you need to do is look in the glass display case with the giant cave cockroaches crawling around.

But if that’s not creepy enough for you, there is an endlessly fascinating collection of specimens ranging from fantastic giant katydids to huge African beetles, and all variety of live insect displays. Spiny Devil Walking Stick anyone? Fun and educational. Don’t miss it!

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by Sue Manuel
AFAR Local Expert
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