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Sunset in Assisi

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Best known as the birthplace of St. Francis, Italy's patron saint, the historic town of Assisi is a must-see on any trip through Umbria. Assisi is beautiful in so many ways, from its well-known Basilica of San Francesco (the burial place of St. Francis) to its views of the gorgeous rolling hills surrounding the town. One of the things I found most beautiful, though, was the town's architecture, specifically the soft-pink buildings that practically glowed in the setting sun.

I took this photo just as the sun was going down, and I loved the contrast between the soft alpenglow and the shadow of the olive trees on the building.

Assisi is a great town to visit if you're a history lover, photographer, or just a fan of the beautiful Umbria region.

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by Joan Wharton
AFAR Local Expert
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