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Having been a student of archaeology and a lover of all things classical since childhood, I've always felt that there is no better way to understand and connect with a place than by diving into its history, physically as well as figuratively.

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A Closer Look at the Arch of Titus

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Located on the Via Sacra east of the Roman Forum, the Arch of Titus is a beautiful and imposing triumphal monument, commemorating Titus' victory following the Siege of Jerusalem in the first century, A.D. The south relief panel on the interior of the arch (shown in the photo above), which illustrates the triumphal procession through Rome with the spoils of Jerusalem, is one of the only contemporary depictions of Temple artefacts, including a seven-branched menorah. Certainly worth a closer look as you travel down the Sacred Way!

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by Bryan Kitch
AFAR Contributor
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