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We say, home is where the heart is. I left my heart in this city and I keep going back there to find it safe and happy.. This city has SO much more to offer than the (in)famous 'Red light district' and 'Space cakes'. For starters, the XXX which can be spotted all over the city has nothing to do with 'sex'. Rather the triple x's on the coat of arms symbolises floods, fire, and the Black Death- Three chief perils that the city had to overcome. And it proudly stands today with its beautiful lit up dams, cape Dutch architecture, very very warm people and of course tulips! The city has its fair share of artists and museums like any other European city, its Dutch pottery and traditional artwork. But the museum I like the best is the Anne Frank house for no other reason but the young girl's diary as it did to me, what it has to people all over the world.
I am a church goer and I attended a Sunday morning service at De Oude Kerk.. It was in Dutch, I understood very little or none but it blew my mind! I love the Dutch people and their warmth
Eat! Eat! Eat!For Dutch -Traditional pickled herring is a must try! I love an Ethopian restaurant - Addis Ababa which is located in Overtoom. Albert Cuyp Market is also quite interesting to visit. I love an English waffle maker there and his waffles! Everyone knows about the coffee shops selling cannabis and hash cakes and vaporisers, I love going to Abraxus and Cafe Bluebird- Cool places to hang out and try cakes "Coz you're in Amsterdam baby!"

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