The Best Street Food around the World
One of the best ways to travel deeper? Taste the street food.

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Mexican Street Food

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I found this street vendor off of 413 in Rincon, Puerto Rico. His name is Alturo and he makes some killer quick Mexican food. All the chicken is slow cooked in a specialty marinade that he prepares every morning. Then of course there is his signature salsa to top every dish. It's quick, it's cheap, and it's delicious, especially as you make your way home from the bar. He's open late, till around 11pm, and he'll wait up for you as you eat and relax after a night out on the town.

Find various food vendors during the high season in Rincon (November - April). Alturo is actually open all year long, which is convenient and unusual, as this town usually quiets down in the summertime.

He doesn't have much of a sign, but you'll recognize his Mexican flag–colored food truck along the side of the main road 413.

UPDATE (2014): Arturo now has his own brick-n-mortar place on Carr. 115 heading towards Aguadilla!! You'll notice him on the right side of the road!

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