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Paragliding in Zermatt!

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Last June my partner, Damon, and I, two forty-something late-blooming recreational cyclists, were three days into a two-week cycling trip through the Swiss Alps and Italian Lakes. Because of some 'overpartaking' of the red wine in Martigny, Switzerland, we had agreed to join a few others for a paragliding adventure about 36 hours later in Zermatt.

The photo above is the snowy hill we ran down to catch the air. We buckled in with our German "hosts" and at the sound of "Go! Now...!!!" we took off running towards the edge of the mountain.

For 20 minutes we floated thousands of meters above the (suddenly) ant-sized town of Zermatt. Our expert guides working our chutes on the warm air currents like dough in an expert pizza maker's hands.

At one point my guide started a controlled spiral, taking us almost horizontal for five or six rounds. I can still get my heart to race on command just by closing my eyes and thinking of the sensation I had as we spun towards the city below.

That flight was truly the most spectacular single event of any vacation I've taken . . . ever. If you get the chance, I highly recommend it! Don’t think, just do it.

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