Best Secret Restaurants in Lisbon
The Best Secret Restaurants in Lisbon is a small collection of privately held, individual establishments that still operate in the same way in which they were conceived 50, 60, 70 or more years ago. These restaurants provide you and insight into the best Portuguese traditional gastronomy that Lisbon has to offer. Away from the crowds where only the neighbourhood provides its customer base.

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Candle lit, heartbreaking, tear jerking Fado Music

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If you want to experience authentic Lisbon this is the place. Family run, this tiny restaurant (just seven tables) has been open for 40 years and the décor has not changed in that time.

The food is basic and unpretentious with dishes like monkfish stew and char grilled fish but the real draw is the fado, Portugal’s traditional, melancholy folk music sung by a female vocalist with two or three guitarists accompanying her.When the singing starts, everything else stops, the kitchen, the table service – and even the neighbours who often drop in for the performance.

This is the place to hear raw original Fado music, so remember: no lights, no PA, just the singers, the guitars the candles and your tears.

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by Nelson Carvalheiro
AFAR Local Expert
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