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    Team AFAR Spotlight in Germany
    AFAR senior editor Andrew Richdale flew to Germany last week and shared some of his favorite moments in the country via Instagram, from the public photo booths scattered around Berlin to the white-and-blue walls of Bavaria. It’s safe to say that we are officially ready to pack up our bags and head to Germany. 

    Take a scroll through the highlights with @therichdale, and be sure to follow @afarmedia for a daily dose of travel inspiration. 

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Leipzig, from above

     “I spent my sophomore year abroad in Germany and views like this (of Leipzig, hour or so south of Berlin) still get my heart beating.”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Germany’s Subways

     “Subways all over Germany have such crazy cool colors!”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Marienplatz station

     “Hands down one of my favorite colorful subways is Munich’s electric orange Marienplatz station, which is really close to the huge local Victuals market and beer garden.”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Tempelhofer Feld

     “I love this massive park located in Neukölln, what is debatably the coolest neighborhood in one of the coolest cities in the world, Berlin. It’s as big as an airport terminal because it used to be one. Eight years ago, the airport, which had been operational since before WWII, shut down and the city turned it into a recreational space.”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Spinnerei (Leipzig)

     “Spinnerei used to be mainland Europe’s largest cotton mill. Now it’s an art compound with 14 galleries, a half dozen ceramic studios, and an outdoor theater. The exhibits, in classic German style, swing wry and dark.”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Hotel Zoo Berlin

     “Breakfast at Hotel Zoo Berlin starts the day off on a good note—with an epic spread of pastries, cheeses, jams, eggs, honeycomb, guava juice.” 

    Photo by @therichdale
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     “The Marie-Elisabeth-Lüders-Haus is a part of Berlin’s new parlimentary complex, which houses one of the largest scientific libraries in the world. In the basement is a memorial where original pieces of the Berlin Wall are preserved.”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Bavarian Blue

     “The BMW logo has blue and white for a reason: They are Bavaria’s official, all-over-the-place colors.”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    Photo Booth

     “All over Berlin, you can find little sidewalk photo booths outside grocery stores, bars, or like this one in Mitte, outside a café.”

    Photo by @therichdale
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    The Reichstag
    The Reichstag (Berlin)

     “The building’s design isn’t just for looks; the mirrors gather light that helps power the rest of the building.” 

    Photo by @therichdale
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